The Lounge Is Open! ! !

May 2, 2010

How exciting is this?! Hello, everyone! I’m called Charlie Romo and welcome to my brand, spanking new blog! The Moonglow Lounge will be dedicated to all things Fashion, Food, Fitness & Pop Culture that I find fantastic. I invite you to read the “About” page to get better acquainted with your host.

I suppose a good place to start would be discussing my perspective on these passions of mine.

Firstly, Fashion! Ever since I was very small, I’ve been obsessed with fashion. For one, I love and appreciate all things beautiful. Color, textile, vision, technique. I love and am heavily inspired by it all. I’m also obsessed with the cultural aspect of fashion and how change is documented in our societies by what we wear. I’m a huge history buff, I admit. From Dynasties to times of Exploration and the Elizabethan Era to Colonialism, the Victorian Era, Edwardian and further through all periods of the 20th century to now, I’m just FASCINATED by the trends we’ve set and ways we’ve identified ourselves from region to region.

I also love what fashion says about us as people; how we feel, our moods, ideas, statements, our individualism. I feel the clothes we wear are akin to how we decorate our homes. Just as the home harbors our bodies, our clothes harbor (not only our bodies but)  our souls. It’s all very psychological and I can’t get enough!

Above all, I love the models. :p Not just as walking canvases for the fashion artist to create on but as people. I have all the respect in the world for the exhausting, demanding work they do and how they help make the world a prettier place to live. 🙂 The company I keep says much as I am most comfortable with people who either work in fashion or appreciate it, (from respect to infatuation). I surround myself with eyes and hearts that embrace art. The art of fashion, in particular.

I also love the International nature of fashion. I’m a very Global person and fashion facilitates my love of every land under the sun. I love using little bits of six or seven different languages to carry on with fashion pals on a daily basis. This adoration carries over to every aspect of my life, from my cooking to writing and beyond.

As for a favorite designer, over all I would have to say Miuccia Prada. I find Prada very sophisticated, very chic, very sleek! I am also obsessed with EVERYTHING Coco Chanel and Karl Lagerfeld in her stead and anything John Galliano touches. Other top favorites include Michael Kors, Isaac Mizrahi, Sonia Rykiel, Thakoon Panchigul, Marc Jacobs, Valentino, Jean Paul Gaultier, Roberty Cavalli and late, great visionaries like Alexander McQueen, Yves Saint Laurent & Gianni Versace.

My #1 favorite model of all time is Tanya Dziahileva. Not just because of her unmistakable presence on and off the runway — (the first time I saw her some years ago, I dropped my drink in awe!) — but she’s the sweetest, most positive person working today. I also adore Iekeliene Stange, Coco Rocha, Freja Beha Erichsen, Taylor Warren, Manuella Tessari, Hannah Holman, Imogen Morris Clark, Dree Hemingway, Amanda Norgaard, Dorothea Barth Jorgensen, Frida Gustavsson, Hanne Gaby Odiele, Irina Kulikova, Lindsay Wixson, Karlie Kloss, Nastasia Ohl, Gisele of course!, Agynes Deyn and timeless beauties of seasons past like Linda Evangelista and Ines de la Fressange. And I can’t forget to mention my friend and rising star, Olia Kashevarova. She is breathtaking!

As for favorite recent shows: definitely Chanel SS 2010/2011. The whispy, carefree playfulness of Lagerfeld’s designs spun through that barn dancing romp with Lilly Allen singing, Iekeliene Stange & Charlotte di Calypso dancing behind her~ mesmerized me! :p

I also adore the subjective nature of Fashion. But, that’s the nature of all art, isn’t it? Art is in the eye of the beholder. What one person sees as sludge another sees as solid gold. I was taught that “Art is what is created by artists.” I really believe that. If I like something, props to the artist. If I don’t, so be it but my dislike does not invalidate their work. It’s just not for me.

On Cuisine: I’m a HUGE foodie! I love food so much, I made a profession of it. I am a firm believer in consuming the very best of what Earth has to offer us. I’m a manic supporter of all natural, organic products, Non-GMO goods, farmer’s markets and where animal products are concerned, I do my very best to source from free range suppliers. Once I was speaking with Soulful-Pop Musician Melissa Suzanne about food, (she has a background in Nutrition), and she discussed an 80% Raw/20% otherwise diet as ideal for her. I agree with this and apply it to my personal diet. The majority of what I take in are fruits and veggies, tofu and that sort of thing but I am not a practicing Vegetarian. I LOVE Vegan food, have adhered to the lifestyle on and off over the years and while I have done well to nearly eliminate red meats from my diet, I can’t live without my seafood. :p I also enjoy oddities; the strange of the strange in cuisine, (think Chef Andrew Zimmern comes to dinner), and offal. Offal is high in cholesterol and should be enjoyed in EXTREME MODERATION but those strange tidbits intrigue me. Tacos de seso (brain tacos), sucking on crawfish cavities, caviar/roe. . . gizzards! :p Yeah, I like that stuff. Even eyeballs! (In Mexican cuisine, we enjoy ojo in a variety of ways).

I believe in paying the utmost respect to animal product I prepare. My view is that those animals gave their life so that we may eat them. Thus, I believe in utilizing every morsel within my power; stock from bones, appetizers from offal, etc. . . And I believe in proper preparations. It breaks my heart when food is burned, ruined, thrown away, wasted, especially if it cost some poor little critter their life.

I believe in feasting with fun and love. It saddens me when people fight during dinner or when people are too upset for something yummy. I believe in the healing power of food and the warm smiles the things we enjoy eating provide. I make it my duty to spread love and happiness through the food I prepare. When I see someone beam over something I’ve made them, everything in my world just glows. Making people happy is a drug for me and, I must admit, I’m addicted. :p

On fitness: I’m a cardio-nut! I love my heart pumping, raining sweat, feeling high on all the fresh air surging through my lungs. I count carbs & calories, all that. My favorite exercise machine is my beloved Eliptical. I also adore weight training and resistance training. And swimming! I feel swimming is the best exercise we can get, (besides sex! :p)

On Pop-Culture: I’m obsessed with our day and age that allows us to document every moment in time instantly. I think we’re at an apex in appreciating where we are — preserving memories — so that we are producing some of the most detailed, perceptive logs any culture has ever seen. That said, I think appreciating pop-culture shows an appreciation for what led up to a particular moment and where we go from there. Our era of information overload has turned us all into data-miners, reporters, paving the path for future historians and I love every second of it.

You may expect me to post many music videos, birthday shout-outs to people I know or admire or both, TONS of clothes, looks of the day, FASHION SHOWS by the boat-load, photos I find inspiring, movie reviews, RECIPES!, oodles and oodles of pictures of food, my pets, my family’s pets, updates on my writing and just about anything I find interesting. I ramble a lot. My brain is a waterfall and I overflowed Facebook and Twitter enough to want a place like this; a blog of my own!

Also, this is my first foray into a full blown online blog! When I last meddled with websites, I thought I was hot shit working in my DreamWeaver lol. But this. . . all this automation is sooooo awesome. I’m spoiled! But! I’m still new at this so you’ll have to bear with me regarding the organization of it all. I have several topics I enjoy musing on so I may want to organize it a bit better than a constant stream of consciousness; maybe having separate blogs for each topic in the future? I dunno. If you have any advice, please drop it to me! Thanks bunches!

In closing, I’d like to thank you for taking the time to read this long-winded post. I hope you’ll find what I have to say amusing, insightful, entertaining or anything that helps you come back for more. One supreme theme you may expect around here is positivity. I am a firm believer in the power of positive thought. I do not believe in facilitating negativity, anger, hatred, malcontent, war-mongering or rudeness of any kind. I slip up like everyone else — we all do — but I believe that life is best surrounded by happy, positive people and positive energies and, through that, we help pave our way to success, not just in the world but within ourselves.

Many thanks for your time! Enjoy your stay at The Moonglow Lounge!

Be Sweet,




  1. f<.<f

  2. I absolutely LOVE it!! I can’t wait for more. So well done…your dear, sweet Gwynnie has some competition. Love you. V.

  3. NICE! It’s up! ❤

  4. It is! POOX! 😀 What do you think so far?! I’ll be in touch with ya about that reading shortly!

  5. Val, you flatter me into outer space! :p

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