Elite Model Look UK Finalists 2010

July 13, 2010

Not finding much on the girls yet but — so far — here are the finalists, sourced from Elite UK’s Facebook page.

Based on preliminary shots, my pick for the win! Just wish we had stats, some more pols with different looks, maybe runway examples, but natch. :p #TeamAmelia !

(l to r) Hannah from Warwickshire, Jenni from Leeds, Kate from Buckinghamshire – I really like Hannah & Jenni’s looks, as well. Kate, eh. . . I’d have to see her in action to further an opinion.

(l to r) Grace from Surrey, Eilidh, from Glasgow, Daisy from Somerset – Again, I’d have to see these girls in action to further an opinion but I’m not exactly falling out of my seat over one or the other. Although, Eilidh’s skin-tone/hair/eyes wins me over between the lot. And Grace sure has a fierce stare and cute freckles. We’ll see.

(l to r) Sasha from Hampshire, Olivia F from Devon, Olivia D from Nottinghamshire – Not a fan of the first two but Olivia D. seems interesting. I rather enjoy the whole squinty-eye thing. She looks quite leek and LOOOOOONG. Lord, look at that neck and the expanse of her shoulders. Fetching hair, as well.

(l to r) Louise from Essex, Emma from Perth & Kinross – Not feeling either. Although, they have great skin.

So, my ranking of the finalists!

01) Amelia
02) Jenni
03) Olivia D
04) Hannah
05) Eilidh
06) Grace
07) Kate
08) Daisy
09) Olivia F
10) Sasha
11) Louise
12) Emma

Contest link – http://www.elitemodellook.co.uk/


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