Kate Howat – Elite Model Look UK 2010 Finalist, Girl Ain’t No Joke!

July 15, 2010

Be on the watch for Kate! I’ve underestimated her, perhaps, because these stills are FANTABULOUS!

:p She’s a killer, isn’t she? Stats! ~ 5’11” ~ 33-25-34.5 – Photos & stats sourced from TFS.



  1. hahahhaha, i know her, shes like be best friend in the whole world hazza p for life ❤

  2. How wonderful! Send her lots of love, good luck & best wishes from me plz! 🙂

  3. Shes stunning! Hope you are having a good week xx

  4. Isn’t she just?! If she comes out on top, I won’t be surprised. ~I sure am, Jasna! Too good, perhaps, but When In Rome, as they say! :p Hope you’re well!

    Be Sweet~


  5. I know kate really well and she is amazing! she is such a nice person and as you can see she is beautiful! I hope she does amazingly! xxxx

    • i know kate too, she’s so beautiful and a genuinely nice person too, she’ll go far xxx

  6. How fantastic! Do send her lots of love & adoration from me! 🙂 Hope to see her everywhere really soon!

  7. Greeeeeeeeat Blog Love the Infomation you have provided me .

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