Tegan & Sara – On Directing (Official NEW Video!)

July 26, 2010

My favourite band of ALL TIME! Tegan & Sara are Canadian twin sisters whose music is a cut above the rest. These women tell stories direct from the heart. Their music paints such a vivid picture of their life experiences, it’s unreal. It’s amazing how most of their songs can fit into some part of my life and even moreso for the character’s in my novel. It’s like I can apply a T&S song to each of them at some point, in anthem. I literally CANNOT think of one poor song they’ve done. I love them both but I am definitely #TeamSara :p I just LOVE everything about SkQ; especially her higher pitched voice and her ears.

I’ll be posting lots of Tegan & Sara material here on The Moonglow Lounge. But, for now, here is the brand new official video for my favourite song off their latest album, “Sainthood,” – On Directing.

Obsessed w/ this live performance of “On Directing.” So into Sara’s bangs!

Thanks to Nicole for the first Twitvid link I saw of the official video! http://www.twitvid.com/BUOUM


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