Fakery Swings Around Again!

February 8, 2011

If you follow me on Twitter, you know how religious I am about my #ModelMonday lists. I spam you lot with that list because I feel it’s rather important to showcase AUTHENTIC model accounts considering the prevalence of fakes that slither around cyberspace. I’ve been fooled myself! it’s true. I ALWAYS appreciate anyone who has input on this subject so if you see me carrying on with someone you suspect or know is invalid, plz let me know! I enjoy keeping up with this list so that we know we’re getting on with the real deal — not posers. I think it’s unfortunate for some out there to pretend to be people so many admire. It’s rather cruel, especially when their followers look up to the model or celebrity they are pretending to be. Beside all that, I absolutely adore these women who work so diligently at what they do. They don’t deserve to be misrepresented.

That said, just wanted to bring another fake to your attention:


Folks, this is NOT Natalie Pack, contestant on America’s Next Top Model, Cycle 12. This person has built a bit of a social network out of pretending to be her, which you can find here.

It was a couple of weeks ago that this account began Tweeting to me in response to my #ModelMonday lists. I didn’t notice anything fishy at first and spoke back and forth with it for a bit.  One day, it was uploading some of Natalie’s sexier pix w/ suggestive messages which raised a red flag with a friend of mine. “Something isn’t right. What’s with all those ‘do-me’ uploads?” she asked and it inspired some research!

I began by looking at her followers. You know there aren’t ANY industry professionals in there? A scant few have trickled in VERY RECENTLY but if one goes back to the very begging of that account, its followers consist of a plethora of Indonesian and other Asia-Pacific rooted accounts. One would suspect her co-stars from ANTM would follow her but they don’t. Granted, not all of them follow each other but it raised some curiosities. That said, I wanted to look at the folks this account converses with back and forth. It was no surprise that I found a hive of fakery, including the notorious fake @ImLilyDonaldson.

Here she is carrying on with Lily-Monster (July 28, 2010):

As if Jess Stam blowing that fake’s cover weren’t enough, here’s an example of the trickery it has been up to recently:

Visit @VSAngelsNation, please, and look at Tweets for Feb. 4th, 2011. This RT does not exist.

Lookie here:

Firstly, look at that. Bugging Coco Rocha if she knows the “real accounts” of other models? Really? Other industry professional girls do that? Not the ones I know. Young fangirls are some of the more prominent members of society up to that. Additionally, I see it A LOT with young Asian-Pacific users so that linked something familiar in my brains. ~Anyway, Natalie-Monster KNEW of the proof that Lily-Monster is, indeed, a monster (Aug. 3rd [sorry for the photo .jpg name, I mistyped “9”]) yet wished it a Happy Birthday on:

Jan. 27th, I told it that that Lily account is fake and that’s the response it gave. I can’t link or photo the Birthday message because it deleted it that day but, considering it had a clue back in August, why be jolly to Lily-Monster now? Monsters (Fakes) have each other’s backs, I guess.

Here is Natalie-Monster getting on with Eniko-Monster. That account – @EnikoMihalik – no longer exists because it was a grand fake, (outed by Ford  & Marilyn not too long ago). Oh, and that @Santiago_Jess? Fake, too. @BUILT4theRUNWAY, same, and no longer exists.

Let’s have a wee peek at other accounts that “no longer exist” circulating around Natalie-Monster

@MeaghanWaller no longer exists.

@AngeleaPreston no longer exists. And that particular account is a revolving door of name-changes:

@TheRealAngelea does not exist.

I imagine those fake accounts refer to this person:


I think that account is legit. Much back & forth between Angelea and her agency, (and other industry contacts). I DO recall Natalie Monster getting some responses out of her, and when matters of Natalie’s cell number came up, Natalie Monster said it was using a friend’s phone and would get back to Angelea at a later time. Can’t find the screenshot but, suffice it to say, Angelea doesn’t follow Natalie Monster and I saw no further exchanges after that.

@CrissyWright does not exist. And check out that #FF lol. Telling.

Oh, look! A Fake All-Star!

@jenniferan_antm does not exist.

@awnie does not exist.

@KatarzynaANTM10 does not exist. And THIS is the one I found most profane. Notice Natalie-Monster mentions a funeral. Here’s where that came from:

Shame on this person for exploiting a tragedy in Natalie’s life for the sake of looking authentic. That is horrid, parasitic behaviour. Shame on them!

You guessed it! @marianne__m does not exist. I’d like you to pay close mind to something, though:

Note the use of the word “stuffs.”

In reguards to walking for David Alexander. “Stuffs.”

Tweeting to @teyona_anderson: More “stuffs!” And, really? Slapping Ford in the face saying something like that in public (albeit digital)? Also, real Natalie is a Cali girl. I know Cali girls; models, party girls, book worms, etc. I’ve never heard any of them say “stuffs” the way these people do. So, any suggestion that it’s “Cali-talk” can walk the plank. ALSO! Note the date on this exchange. Dec 20th, 2010. We will revisit this later.

Love this bit about moving to New York. Pity we never really heard much about it after this date. Once this impostor got a hold of Vacationing in Bali and Jakarta and carrying on about other Pan-Asian destinations, that fantasy fluttered off.

Contract extended, huh? 😀 According to this: http://www.facebook.com/OfficialNataliePack?v=wall

…we are to assume she means Ford. Also note, this Facebook seems to have been founded in Mid-January, 2011.

How droll the things one can learn if one just asks. 🙂 According to Damien at Ford — (he’s ace and needs to be followed!) — real Natalie Pack was dropped in October. It seems Natalie-Monster wasn’t aware of this. Pity that. :p

If all this doesn’t paint a fairly clear picture of the tomfoolery at play, there’s more! Let’s have a look at some Tweets and you tell me if this sounds like a professional of any kind:

Slamming Teyona Anderson AND musing on … theft of an Armenian Bible? O_o

Then nice to her. I’m sure Teyona didn’t know she was on with a hot air balloon but perhaps she has a clue now. If that’s her at all. Seems like it is, though.

Name of an old fake account.

Professionals just don’t do this. Castings/Campaigns are not for the public domain oh-s0-brazenly. #GiveAway

Of all the rampant, juvenile ways to carry on. . .  It’s no secret real Natalie and Tyra Banks butted heads but Natalie’s public comments were suggestive but tasteful. She even mused that Tyra may show favouritism because the young African American girls remind her of herself when she was young. THIS above is light years away from that sentiment. In fact, it sounds like a pissed off fan hell-bent & godsmacked that their favourite contestant lost.

Then, calm to Tyra!

More juvenile harpings. And more “stuffs”!!!

Slams French Vogue. Because that’s what we do when we work in Fashion. We blast highly reguarded, potential employers because we’re rebels. #GimmeABreak.

🙂 #Mmhmm.

Jesus take the wheel… how old IS this person?!

Really? “Mom: There’s something you need to learn more. Me: which is? Mom: Repressing and keep smiling. Me: oookay

What does that even mean?! Natalie and — I would assume — her mother are college educated adults and Natalie is rather well-spoken. Are we REALLY to believe an exchange as erroneous as that took place? I’d marry a penguin if so.

OK! Now that we have all that. . . I was curious as to who this person carries on with the most. I found a fairly distinct jacket, one of which is this:


Visit that account page and you will find the MAIN person, (nearly only peson), this account converses with is Natalie-Monster. Also note the inception date — April 13, 2010. Well, guess who else established an account in April!

Account established April 8th, 2010. And bothering poor Jared, no less!

These two sure go on and on and on and on and back and forth and sideways from Sunday about Bali and Jakarta and things associated with that region. We never read Natalie-Monster more abreast on the subject matter as we do here. Wonder why. :p

When looking at other accounts circulating around these two, I found:


I find it oh so curious that the ONLY interview on Miss Lauren’s blog — http://lkfashionroll.blogspot.com/ — is a plug, patter and promotion for @NataliePack.


So entertained by how this is promoted by Hailey and RT’d by Natalie-Monster. We’re swimming in red flags here! And, then, it gets better!

Let’s start with Hailey’s Twitpics:

Her babies, Bee & Penn, eh?

http://community.livejournal.com/dragonsooc/47588.html (found here among over a hundred other places. Either Bee & Penn are jetsetters or this is stock photography).

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Maltese.jpg Found here and on a dozen other sites.

With that, let’s move on to Lauren Kitson!

Erica the Amazing Photographer took these, huh?

http://www.spoki.lv/foto-izlases/crossfire/214543 – Maybe not. :p Found a few other places, too, including WeHeartit.com – http://weheartit.com/entry/4371241

http://weheartit.com/entry/2744069 – Swinging on a star over at WeHeartIt.com. Here again: http://weheartit.com/entry/4783224

One would THINK it ends there! Look what other mischief they’re up to! – http://twitter.com/#!/adaddario

That’s the bottom of Lauren’s following list. @adaddario is the first person it followed, huh?

And new, celebrated young actress follows back! Above is a shot of Lauren’s followers. See anyone else familiar up above?

This makes sense? What business would Alexandra Daddario have RT’ing and promoting someone who only has ONE article uploaded, and further, an article based on one we’ve already established as a grand fake.

Actually, I was going to let all this slide until I received this DM from Natalie-Monster:

Remember how we discussed the ‘do me” Tweets? Well I received a personal one! Sealed with a kiss! Instead of kissing back, though, I responded thusly:

After this, it blocked me. :p TELLING! ~Natalie doesn’t even HAVE an accent. . .

One thing I will mention but not detail out of respect for my friends and the friends of my friends is that I discovered who I believe to be the real Natalie pack and I have some mutual friends! Through poking through the who-is-who of it all, I can say with some devout certainty that this @NataliePack is NOT Natalie Pack. I think it’s an Indonesian fan that went into a tailspin. I tried to reach out. It would have been great to talk about all this because I believe people who pretend to be others online are doing so to fill some sort of void in themselves. I would have liked to help but the way this person is behaving:

How randy does it have to be? Jeez.

As an aside, let’s look at what others have to say:

I think this guy hit the nail on the head.

Now, I can’t speak to the validity of this post but — assuming it’s genuine — that is OCEANS apart from the salacious, mood-swinging rambles this hot mess has been Tweeting.

These images are screenshots of posts from RTVGames.com. Thanks to qwerty & fantaisie! Also, the vast majority of Natalie’s seemingly-personal pix can be found fluttering around in that forum’s thread and scattered about elsewhere. Once one sees enough, the photos one hasn’t found yet matter very little.

I think that’s QUITE enough! There’s more to all this skullduggery but if this doesn’t ring the bell for @NataliePack, I dunno what else could. If THAT is Natalie Pack, I’m Donald Duck.

In closing, I really hope this post was informative and enlightening.  All it takes is a bit of research and bravado to unearth the trickery that prevails online. I would encourage everyone to RT, re-post this write-up and unfollow/report @NataliePack because the real Natalie doesn’t deserve to be misrepresented that way. No one does.

To quote the late, great George Sanders as Addison DeWitt in All About Eve, “. . . I’m nobody’s fool. Least of all, yours.” Neither are you wonderful people who have been fooled by all this.

Thanks for reading! Spread the word!



  1. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Ainiwaffles, Charlie Romo. Charlie Romo said: #Blogged: http://bit.ly/gSS6KD "Fakery Swings Around Again!" @NataliePack is NOT #NataliePack from #ANTM. Proof. #model #models #fashion […]

  2. She’s done this before, too. The person behind this also posed as Leighton Meester, Taylor Momsen, Olivia Palermo, and a few others. Everytime she gets caught, she picks a new target. I discovered who she was about a year ago, and it’s quite obvious at times, because she uses some of her personal twitpics in her fake celeb accounts. It’s sad, and sometimes I feel bad for her, but she can act like such a brat at times that it’s hard to really sympathize. She does need some serious help though; I cannot imagine being so unhappy that you have to create such an elaborate fantasy world. And it really creates a bad name for the celebs she impersonates as well.

  3. Oh wow! She was that Taylor Momsen fake? I used to follow it. . . lol. Until things just didn’t add up and the account was terminated.

    I absolutely agree with you. It’s like an OCD to being someone else and, while part of me wants to sympathize with her, she DOES make it very difficult. Exploiting Natalie’s daddy is what absolutely infuriated me. And, like you say, she puts these celebs in a bad light the way she carries on in such a crass manner.

    I just hope all this is RT’d and re-posted and spread around. Even though she’ll just do it again, I think it’s important to keep these people running. Hopefully, she or they will get bored and end this charade.

    Thanks for the input! Keep in touch! And remember to “Like” us on Facebook, please! 😀

  4. Is there anyway you can tell me if the current @NataliePack twitter account is real now as of 8-19-11? She swears up and down that she really is who she says she is. She is currently only following 20 people and none of the aforementioned suspects in this blog are in that 20 any longer. She has since blocked who can see her tweets unless they are friends with her. Thank you for your time.

  5. @JuliaHarvard (who apparently is Natalie’s manager) is also following her. https://twitter.com/#!/juliaharvard

  6. Julia Harvard does not exist, and is not Natalie’s manager. Another fake. As is her friend Mary Ann. Do not buy this person gifts, do not trust her!! 100% positive she is a fake. But, if you don’t believe me, ask her for a personalized photo. Have her hold something up for you. She will never do it, and she’ll lash out. (@spyke)

    • I read over some of those Tweets and it all sounded like the same song and dance. All spelling errors were grandly similar, (adding “s” where it doesn’t belong, skipping words no college educated woman would skip, etc). Did you read her Tumblr? Are we REALLY to believe that — between relationships with rather profound people — she’s lurking in internet shadows with woefully anonymous strangers? That wall-of-text she posted as her “most personal yet” read like a mid-teen’s diary. I saw nothing different. All she did was cut down who she follows to make the account seem more authentic and a pal jumped in (if not her, herself) behaving like that Harvard woman. If that woman was really a manager, one would figure Natalie to be her only client! It’s all the account Tweeted (and RT’d) about!

      I call balderdash!

      Thanks for the heads up, Spyke! Your observations brought this dead horse to new life and we thank you. Natalie is constantly being misrepresented by this sick mind and it’s important for others to have a place they can tap into for clues and disclosure.

      And thanks, Leigh. Agreed on all points. 🙂

  7. Thanks guys, please is there anyway you can get this shut down if it is indeed NOT Natalie Pack. As you’ve stated she doesn’t deserve misrepresentation. Maybe contact her actual manager? If so, do you know that person’s contact info so we can bring this to her attention. Like maybe some kind of PUBLIC announcement (denouncement) of this sham so others do not get sucked into it, like myself had started to. I will gladly e-mail or call or whatever to bring this to their attention.

  8. UPDATE! We were right. 🙂 The REAL Natalie Pack just won Miss California 2012 last night! She’s commented on her personal Twitter that the account here in question was a fraud and it has since been suspended. 🙂 Cheers to Natalie! Here’s hoping she follows in Alyssa Campanella’s footsteps and snags MISS USA 2012!!!!

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