Lunch At Formosa Garden!

June 21, 2011

Had a delightful lunch at Formosa Garden in San Antonio, Texas, with my brother and best friend today! Everything was quite good so I felt compelled to blog about it. Good excuse for a “return to this blog” post, I think.

Going in!

Crazy Roll ($7.95) – 8 pieces of Tuna, Salmon, Hamachi, Tai, Masago, and spicy green onion — deep fried. I really loved the fishy scent and taste. The light batter creates perfect texture; bit crispy but not crunchy. Delicate and delightful!

The Uzura (Quail Egg) ($1.95) was soooo lush and silky. Of course, if you’re a runny yolk kinda person (like me!) this is something you’d enjoy and I recommend it but the lack of nori wrap and no masago (smelt roe) was disheartening. Still quite good!


Hokkigai (Surf Clam) ($3.95)! Chewy, oceany. Love these. 🙂


Lunch entree of Formosa Pad Thai (Tofu & Shrimp only) w/ fried rice, egg roll ($7.75) & a munched-on crab flavoured cheese puff (4 for $2.00). Pad Thai really needed more peanuts but they were good enough to hold the chicken in my dish so that was cool. Egg roll went to my best friend. So did my brother’s egg roll. Our best friend, The Rhino, is the boss of all egg rolls. 😮

Spirits! Long Island Iced Tea (6.50)! They even put me a maraschino cherry. :p

Chocolatini ($6.50)! This was really good. Strong, chocolaty, even butterscotchy.

My brother had the Three Delight. Rhino had the Emperor’s Fish and three Long Island Iced Teas. Unfortunately, he dropped the third one and broke the glass! :p

If you’re in town and looking for some good Asian cuisine, stop in for lunch or dinner. They have a full bar, sushi bar & some full blown Hibachi fun. Visit them on the web at http://www.formosagarden.com/index.html to browse their full menu and get directions. Located at 1011 N.E. Loop 410, they’re really easy to find.



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