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It Was a Taylor Swift Holiday!

January 16, 2011

This post is a long time coming. I feel bad for not having it up for 1) Taylor Swift‘s Birthday (Dec. 13th) 2) Christmas (Dec. 24-25th) 3) New Year (Dec. 31st-Jan. 1st). BUT! Let me just say, these holidays were celebrations to shame all celebrations previous! When I say I partied, I can’t even TELL YOU the celebratory levels reached here. One of my favourite people on the PLANET does not turn 21 without a legendary bash. Take that as you will but, rest assured, no expense or inhibition was spared. 😀

I’ll skip the gory swinging-from-chandeliers & hanging-out-windows details and get to:


You can tell by the date on the first video, things were INTENDED for timely posting but well. . . :p ~Better late than never! Now, this tree was insanely fun to shop and compose. It’s a standard inexpensive pink artificial tree (Wal-Mart! ♥), decorated in pink faux roses, tulle & organza (casual wrap & hand-sewn organza fans), authentic Ostrich & mixed feathers, solid white & pink lights as well as dancing white LED & purple rose lights. AND OF COURSE! a SINGING TAYLOR SWIFT DOLL adorned in feathers & feathered-Angel wings I attached to her myself ON TOP! It does NOT get more fabulous than Taylor Swift singing her heart out atop your Christmas Tree. I love this whole setup so much, I may NEVER take it down!

Taylor was an easy choice for a holiday theme. Anyone who knows me (even for less than five minutes) knows I absolutely worship her! She’s so authentic and inspiring. For me, Taylor embodies the idea that dreams really do come true. So she brought my little dream-tree to life. 🙂

The styling in this Lady Dior short by the amazing John Cameron Mitchell helped inspire my tree’s crown. The feathers, the glam of it all. Yeah.

And, now, for some of my Christmas presents!

I love this bear. :p She’s wearing a sweet “T-Party” t-shirt!

Pretty sure I inhaled that signature for a solid hour when it arrived. The Taylor Swift store on her official website had a 24 (or was it 48?) hour promotion. Buy “Speak Now” packaged w/ the holiday album and receive Taylor’s autograph! Hand-signed, no copies or anything. Like I WOULDN’T jump through hoops for that? It was a no-brainer. Instant order!

Via another web-promotion, picked up her “Speak Now” vinyl.

The Love Love Love! hat. 😀 A necessity, you betcha.

Group Shot!

I’m not done, either! I won’t rest till I have one of everything in her store, (including that guitar!)

So, overall, these were some of the best holidays I’ve ever had. The food was amazing, friends & family were amazing, the Taylor Swift gifts improved the quality of my life!

To wrap it up, HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY, TAYLOR! Thx for everything! 😀 ♥

Oh, and by the way, here’s her new “Back to December” video: (Love!)

And her spot for Cover Girl NatureLuxe: (Werq!)


Freja Beha Erichsen – Complete Harry Winston Campaign, 2010

December 11, 2010

I dunno how Photographer Patrick Demarchelier expects me to deal with this spread. I’d walk off a cliff for Freja as it is! Then, THIS! She just glows, and so much brighter than the diamonds she’s wearing. I love this kind of happiness in campaigns/editorials/runway/anything really. Nothing warms the soul like a smile!

Photos sourced from Fashion Gone Rogue.


The Canvas Is Alive – Frida Gustavsson for Elle Sweden, October 2010 – Andreas Sjodin

October 17, 2010

Living, breathing art. I love all of Frida’s beauty marks! ❤ ~ Shot by Andreas Sjodin for Elle Sweden, October 2010 edition. Makeup by Anya de Tobon. Images sourced from Fashion Gone Rogue.


Happy National Coming Out Day! October 11, 2010!

October 11, 2010

HAPPY #NCOD! No matter what one’s sexuality is, today we bang any drum we can find for awareness & equality because we MUST do this in the face of ignorance and intolerance. Paint the town pink and wash the streets with rainbows! Happiness, community & love rule this day.

I wanted to include one of my favourite photos of 2010 in this post. This is shot by Kevin McDermott for OurSceneTV‘s coverage of NYC Pride 2010. Featured are the IMMACULATE Jessica ClarkMatt Maggiacomo, who hosted. ~I love what Jessica’s wife, Lacey Stone, said about this picture: “You’re Lady Gay-berty!” LOL! Love them bunches~! 😀

And may we PLEASE take today (like everyday) to do all we can to end bullying & bashing and hate-fueled spite? We’ve had quite enough of young people taking their own lives because of it. Life is short as it is. There isn’t enough time for hate. If you’re feeling blue because of anything like that or know someone who is and there is potential for someone to get hurt, please look into The Trevor Project – 24/7 Suicide Prevention Hotline & LGBT Youth Resource – at

Also, I plan to shoot and post my NOH8 Campaign photo of myself for my birthday later this month so stay tuned!


The Kenny Sisters & Tati Cotliar – Proenza Schouler 1st Print Campaign

August 13, 2010

Ann & Kirby Kenny with Tati Cotliar for Proenza Schouler‘s first ever print campaign featuring stellar looks from their Fall 2010 line. There’s something cryptic in these prints. Quite reminds me of a sinuous, alluring take on the creative mind of H.R. Giger.  Shot byDaniel Jackson. Styled by Marie Chaix.

I love everything these girls do. I’ve stated before how head-over-heels I am for the Kenny sisters. And who wouldn’t LOVE Tati?! I’m thrown over what a film buff she is! I’m the same way. I eat, sleep & breathe cinema. And she’s a fellow Libra!

Photos sourced from Fashion Copious.

Making-of the campaign video.

Proenza Schouler – Fall Winter 2010/2011 Full Fashion Show
Video from lucianoburgos.


Manuela Tessari – Brazilian Beauty Excepcional

August 5, 2010

Photos from Brian Haider.

18 year old Brazilian Model Manuela Tessari! (Born Sept 9th, 1991). There’s just something about her. I’ve kept up with her career ever since she broke into the business and she’s just been uphill from the start. What I find intriguing about Manuela is her very classic beauty. I could see her in any era, any dress. Always radiant. And there’s something in her eyes. Joyful, outgoing. In Manu, I see the life of the party. Through her photos, I can hear her laugh. She’s something special, one of the very sweetest girls alive and my favourite Brazilian Model! 🙂

I will be posting more and more of Manu over time. She is another girl I think would be FANTASTIC in films! She has such a timeless presence. And the camera loves her!

My favourite picture of Manu, (from her Facebook). (DON’T SHOOT ME MANU! I Love it! :p)

Some from her walks at SPFW 2011, July 2010.

Gloria Coelho
Maria Garcia

Here is her FMD Profile.

Here is an Interview by Complexed Teenagers.

Photos from Follow Manuela Tessari on Twitter, HERE!

*EDIT* SORRY! I fixed her Twitter link. 🙂


Abbey Lee Kershaw – LEWITT Ad by Ryan McGinley – Clothes to Die For, Metaphorically!

August 3, 2010

Adorable garments in this superbly shot ad. There’s conjecture circulating that slams it as “pro-suicide” and “tasteless” but I don’t see it. Sounds like hypersensitivity rearing its head again. I feel interpretation is alive in all art; fashion, videography & advertising being no exceptions.

My take on this: “Clothes to die for.” ~Metaphorically speaking.

Pity I can’t find look-book shots of the outfits. If/when I do, I’ll update this post with them.

Poster courtesy of TFS. Video from WM0114. Thanks to the divine E.P. Cutler for Tweeting this ad to my attention. Love her! Read her everywhere  that’s anywhere and follow her on Twitter here.


Tegan & Sara – On Directing (Official NEW Video!)

July 26, 2010

My favourite band of ALL TIME! Tegan & Sara are Canadian twin sisters whose music is a cut above the rest. These women tell stories direct from the heart. Their music paints such a vivid picture of their life experiences, it’s unreal. It’s amazing how most of their songs can fit into some part of my life and even moreso for the character’s in my novel. It’s like I can apply a T&S song to each of them at some point, in anthem. I literally CANNOT think of one poor song they’ve done. I love them both but I am definitely #TeamSara :p I just LOVE everything about SkQ; especially her higher pitched voice and her ears.

I’ll be posting lots of Tegan & Sara material here on The Moonglow Lounge. But, for now, here is the brand new official video for my favourite song off their latest album, “Sainthood,” – On Directing.

Obsessed w/ this live performance of “On Directing.” So into Sara’s bangs!

Thanks to Nicole for the first Twitvid link I saw of the official video!


Ann & Kirby Kenny – Vogue Russia August 2010 – Марш в Париж (March In Paris)

July 22, 2010

The Kenny Sisters! How much do I love twin sisters killing it all over the fashion world? Lots & bunches & much muchly! :p These girls are so exciting to watch climb the ranks. Unmistakable presences on the catwalk. Breath-takers in editorials. So similar yet so distinct. They’re here to stay. (BTW, that’s Kirby in blonde locks and Anne in brunette)! 🙂

Марш в Париж (March In Paris)
Ann Kenny & Kirby Kenny (DNA Models)
Photography by K.T. Auleta (LOVE her! Check out her short films if you can!)
Styling by Brian Molloy

Photos sourced from TFS.


Christopher Kane Resort 2011 – A History of the Past As the Future

July 22, 2010

In the 1940’s and 50’s, Dr. Isaac Asimov wrote his Foundation Series that discussed the invention of an Encyclopedia Galactica. It’s a preservation of the entire history of the galaxy, a concept that many science and sci-fi authors have returned to again and again. In Asimov’s work, one reads all about the future he imagined; the future of all things but in a historical perspective. Imagine you could read all about someone in the year 3515 pouring over fashion from 2010. The history of the past as the future. That’s the first thing that hit me upside the head when I saw this collection. (Yes, I’m a sci-fi aficionado. When I was little, I wanted to be an astronaut. But I always sucked at math so, instead, I enjoy writing futuristic stories). :p

Christopher Kane takes classical silhouettes and sartorial aesthetic, (Sirkian “Housewife Dresses,” flared princess skirts, bygone-era biker jackets, babydolls, wide leg Palazzo pants, even Maribou-adorned shoes), and saturates them with cosmic futurism. The Maribou around the ankles quite reminds me of planetary rings; fuzzy Saturn-ring anklets! :p

I find look 23 particularly intriguing. The tucked & tied t-shirt w/ a flared princess skirt. Pink fuzzy Saturn rings around her ankles. I just love it! And the billowy Galactic drapery of look 27, as if she’s wearing two galaxies at once.

I think it’s easy to overprint garments but what Kane did here is far from excessive. I think the techno-vibe of his prints compliment the classical structure of his outfits in a way that’s tricky to do well. I love it all, every look, and would love to see it on the street. Hell, I’d go up and hug a woman out shopping for hot dog buns & Cheerios in this!

This collection is definitely in my top ten of all 2011 Resorts, (Stella McCartney being #1). I need to compile and blog about that list after a bit more thought, but definitely before September!

Model: Caroline Brasch Nielsen (LOVE her!) – Photos:


Kate Howat – Elite Model Look UK 2010 Finalist, Girl Ain’t No Joke!

July 15, 2010

Be on the watch for Kate! I’ve underestimated her, perhaps, because these stills are FANTABULOUS!

:p She’s a killer, isn’t she? Stats! ~ 5’11” ~ 33-25-34.5 – Photos & stats sourced from TFS.


Elite Model Look UK Finalists 2010

July 13, 2010

Not finding much on the girls yet but — so far — here are the finalists, sourced from Elite UK’s Facebook page.

Based on preliminary shots, my pick for the win! Just wish we had stats, some more pols with different looks, maybe runway examples, but natch. :p #TeamAmelia !

(l to r) Hannah from Warwickshire, Jenni from Leeds, Kate from Buckinghamshire – I really like Hannah & Jenni’s looks, as well. Kate, eh. . . I’d have to see her in action to further an opinion.

(l to r) Grace from Surrey, Eilidh, from Glasgow, Daisy from Somerset – Again, I’d have to see these girls in action to further an opinion but I’m not exactly falling out of my seat over one or the other. Although, Eilidh’s skin-tone/hair/eyes wins me over between the lot. And Grace sure has a fierce stare and cute freckles. We’ll see.

(l to r) Sasha from Hampshire, Olivia F from Devon, Olivia D from Nottinghamshire – Not a fan of the first two but Olivia D. seems interesting. I rather enjoy the whole squinty-eye thing. She looks quite leek and LOOOOOONG. Lord, look at that neck and the expanse of her shoulders. Fetching hair, as well.

(l to r) Louise from Essex, Emma from Perth & Kinross – Not feeling either. Although, they have great skin.

So, my ranking of the finalists!

01) Amelia
02) Jenni
03) Olivia D
04) Hannah
05) Eilidh
06) Grace
07) Kate
08) Daisy
09) Olivia F
10) Sasha
11) Louise
12) Emma

Contest link –


Chanel & Dior Haute Couture Fall/Winter 2010-2011

July 7, 2010

Chanel! Karl Lagerfeld’s runway designs are always at the front of the line and this HUGE golden lion, (an homage to Coco Chanel’s astrological sign), is one of his most elaborate. I’m so in love with the silhouettes he creates in this collection but doesn’t it seem like his Fall/Winter RtW was more Haute Couture than RtW and his HC is more RtW? Brilliant designs, regardless. I’m particularly privy to the rich red crimson ensembles and who doesn’t love the whole “Belle et la Bête” thing at the end? :p

John Galliano KILLED IT on this runway. The explosions of color, the billowy fabrics; the girls are catwalking flowers ~ and do they ~W E R Q~ those outfits or what?!

Videos courtesy of Luciano Burgos.


Resort Season – Yves Saint Laurent Cruise 2010-2011

June 20, 2010

Video posted by lucianoburgos.


Cruise/Resort Season 2010-2011 – Oscar de la Renta

June 8, 2010

What a fantastic show! Lindsey Wixson (Marilyn) opened and closed. Her first look reminded me of antique China a la Royal Doulton or any variety of classical blue & white porcelain, (Wedgewood, Spode, etc). Her closing look was very delicate-doll with its polka-dot print and bow. Lovely!

Thanks to the fantabulous Luciano Burgos (His Youtube Channel & Twitter) for all his fashion show posts. I can’t fill my collection fast enough!

Follow Lindsey Wixson on Twitter here!

Follow The Marilyn Agency NY on Twitter here:

Marilyn on Facebook:


Tanya Dziahileva, Chanel Cruise 2009-2010

May 29, 2010

My Blog NEEDS these images. Flawless. . . in every way. Photos by Vittorio Zunino Celotto (Getty Images). Sourced from TFS.


Coco Rocha – Allure Magazine June 2010 – Red White & Brilliant

May 29, 2010

One of fashion’s very best, Canadian Coco Rocha featured here in Allure Magazine, June 2010, in an editorial shot by Patrick Demarchelier.  Coco is one of the catwalk’s most expressive models ever. Her approach is never just about the clothes. It’s about personality, emotion and fun. Always a treat in anything she does, on or off the runway. And she’s getting married! :p ~Source:


Frida Gustavsson – Vogue Nippon June 2010 – Morning Flowers

May 28, 2010

Frida Gustavsson is delicate, youthful & radiant in this spread shot by Andreas Sjodin, styling by Sabino Pantone. There’s something dreamy in this. Sjodin & Pantone work in a morning-glow pallet that sings of a carefree Spring. From Vogue Nippon.


Dietary Horror – Most Horrible Drinks In America

May 23, 2010

So I woke up to this link Tweeted from the glorious Jessica Clark, Model & co-star of “Lesbian Love” (with her darling wife, Fitness Professional Lacey Stone).

Starbucks Death

Needless to say, this article from the World of Mysteries blog horrified both of us! Starbucks products claim three of twenty spots on that list; a list that grows more and more grotesque as the ranks increase. I’m sure we’ve all indulged in a few of these but, seriously, that much concentrated calories/carbs/sugars are just waaaaay beyond excessive.

I know it’s a lot of work to make these sorts of things at home but, when our health is in question, why not take the extra time for the good of our bodies? There are ways to indulge in similar sweet treats without overdoing it entirely. For one, I take issue with most commercial flavor syrups on the market. After extensive research, I find that CE Organics makes the best, smartest syrups for our coffees and teas. They can even be used for baking and a variety of other applications. My favorite one is the Hazelnut but they’re all great and they’re made from cane juice and natural flavors. 🙂

Tomorrow, I’ll post a recipe for some cool coffees. One hot, one cold perhaps.

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