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Freja Beha Erichsen, Caroline Brasch-Nielsen & Julia Saner – Valentino S/S 2011 Campaign

January 11, 2011

One can never have too much Freja! Here she is w/ Caroline Brasch-Nielsen & Julia Saner, featured in Valentino‘s Spring/Summer 2011 Campaign in delicate, delightful black & white! I’m beside myself over the shot of Freja in those sunnies… Shot by David Sims. Photos sourced from Fashion Gone Rogue.

Happy 1-11-11 Day, btw! Perfect time to make some wishes & put everything you’ve got into making them come true!


Christopher Kane Resort 2011 – A History of the Past As the Future

July 22, 2010

In the 1940’s and 50’s, Dr. Isaac Asimov wrote his Foundation Series that discussed the invention of an Encyclopedia Galactica. It’s a preservation of the entire history of the galaxy, a concept that many science and sci-fi authors have returned to again and again. In Asimov’s work, one reads all about the future he imagined; the future of all things but in a historical perspective. Imagine you could read all about someone in the year 3515 pouring over fashion from 2010. The history of the past as the future. That’s the first thing that hit me upside the head when I saw this collection. (Yes, I’m a sci-fi aficionado. When I was little, I wanted to be an astronaut. But I always sucked at math so, instead, I enjoy writing futuristic stories). :p

Christopher Kane takes classical silhouettes and sartorial aesthetic, (Sirkian “Housewife Dresses,” flared princess skirts, bygone-era biker jackets, babydolls, wide leg Palazzo pants, even Maribou-adorned shoes), and saturates them with cosmic futurism. The Maribou around the ankles quite reminds me of planetary rings; fuzzy Saturn-ring anklets! :p

I find look 23 particularly intriguing. The tucked & tied t-shirt w/ a flared princess skirt. Pink fuzzy Saturn rings around her ankles. I just love it! And the billowy Galactic drapery of look 27, as if she’s wearing two galaxies at once.

I think it’s easy to overprint garments but what Kane did here is far from excessive. I think the techno-vibe of his prints compliment the classical structure of his outfits in a way that’s tricky to do well. I love it all, every look, and would love to see it on the street. Hell, I’d go up and hug a woman out shopping for hot dog buns & Cheerios in this!

This collection is definitely in my top ten of all 2011 Resorts, (Stella McCartney being #1). I need to compile and blog about that list after a bit more thought, but definitely before September!

Model: Caroline Brasch Nielsen (LOVE her!) – Photos:

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