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Best of Coachella 2012 – My Favs!

April 16, 2012

Gotta love modern technology. Anyone who couldn’t attend Coachella 2012 in person (like me!) was able to watch the entire festival live streamed on YouTube. Uploads of every moment have steadily poured in so you can catch it all by simply searching for it on YouTube or subscribing to Coachella’s official channel here.

I saw some AMAZING musicians. These were my ultimate favourites and why:

St. Vincent – I was inspired

Bon Iver – I cried

Mazzy Star – I remembered (nostalgia)

(waiting for an upload of her full set!)

Explosions In the Sky – I was mesmerized


Radiohead – I re-lived (more nostalgia)

Those were my top 5! Other favs included Florence + the Machine, SBTRKT and Beats Antique. The dancers at Beats Antique were phenomenal!

I really could feel the energy of the crowd and the musicians through the screen. However, there’s nothing better than being there LIVE! All those emotions are magnified to overwhelming extents. I hope to be there within the next couple of years

St. Vincent was my main discovery. Annie Erin Clark’s approach to music floored me and filled me with inspiration. I love her voice, her energy and the raw nature of her lyrical delivery. A lot of her set reminded me of a poetry reading at an underground hot spot. She’s also outlandishly beautiful and brave. The crowd surfing at Coachella rocked!

I love festivals like Coachella, where music and unity are celebrated. ♥


Gwynnie Belts “Country Strong”! *Smashes Shot Glass*

August 3, 2010

Firstly, I can’t say enough how much I love Gwynnie.. In my top 5 of favourite actresses of all time, she’s #3! (1. Bette Davis – 2. Cate Blanchett – 3. Gwynnie – 4. Ingrid Bergman – 5. Marlene Dietrich)

I just love everything about her. Besides her beauty and social mindedness, her cuisine and general cheery personality, her WORK! OMG! So many great films. And her style! Gwynnie is always 4 steps ahead. But ass-kissing aside, this song.

About her upcoming role in “Country Strong” from

Hear Gwynnie belt country HERE: From


Taylor Swift Live Web-Chat – July 20, 2010 – New Album Oct. 25th! & A Note on Positive Energy

July 21, 2010

Well, it’s no secret I’m a complete Taylor Swift junkie. I love that she’s tallllll (5’11” !) and cute and funny and super talented. I get my fanboy on big time for anything Tayter Tots! :p Yeah, I adore her nickname and often refer to her that way. I have at least one of everything you can buy from her official store, including the hats & hoodies. >.>

She had a live web-chat with fans on 7/20 and I was one of the many thousands to enjoy it. She announced her new album will be released October 25th, 2010 (titled “Speak Now”) and the first single will be available mid-August (called “Mine”). She also talked about her new house, (she’s a first-time home owner!), her current favorite food being Japanese, her enjoyment of playing mad-scientist in the kitchen, (she mentioned using Ina Garten’s Barefoot Contessa cookbooks), her knack for mix-matched interior decorating & revealed some really cool fan gifts. She also talked about how much she loves headbands, sun-dresses and flats. :p

Here is the full skinny: – and don’t forget to follow her on Twitter here: @TaylorSwift13

And here’s my favorite screenie snapped yesterday! :p

I really love people like Taylor Swift. So positive, sunshiny and driven by her dreams. For optimal success, strive to surround yourselves with these types of people, folks. The less negativity in our orbit, the better we are. Negativity has a way of leeching our drive to see the stars we’re destined for. So, when you identify negativity, cut it off. It’s the only way. All the energy it takes to put up with it could be better spent in achieving positive goals.

As Charlie Chaplin sung~ “Smile!” 🙂

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