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Sarah Burton Soars – Alexander McQueen Resort 2011 Collection

July 29, 2010

No one better could have maintained the spirit and aesthetic of Alexander McQueen like Sarah Burton. These pieces are beautiful, lavish, complex & invoke a tossed salad of emotions. I don’t get much of anything cheery, though, (which is probably why this collection didn’t overtake McCartney as my favourite Resort but I digress). But I don’t enjoy speaking about what a collection is NOT. What it IS, is confident. Here, we see Burton has no fear at all. She takes the daunting task she’s been charged with in the wake of McQueen’s suicide and knees it in the balls, especially in pieces like the first posted, red and black chiffon. Such fluidity, such motion. It’s like a cascading waterfall of blood, of passion. The first word that popped into my mind when I saw it was “VICIOUS!” I think that’s a quality we always saw in McQueen’s work and Burton “got it.” She just “got it” and it shows, especially in looks like the last one; a torrentially romantic ball gown that rises from the ashes of a bygone era and commands its place in present day.

I love every single one of these pieces. The tailoring is in another league on its own and the attention to detail invites us to study Burton’s garments as if we were meticulously perusing a museum. These prints tell stories; stories Lee always told us around the campfire of his brilliance.

When Lee passed, I was concerned for the future of the brand. When rumours began that “this person” or “that person” would take over, I was glum. But when Sarah Burton was announced, it just made sense and the proof is in the pudding. I have no doubt Lee’s spirit works alongside Sarah, helping safety-pin and seam fabrics. And I’m sure he’s proud of her, as we all are.

Photos snipped by me, from Modeled by Alla Kostromichova.


Stella McCartney – “We Don’t Call It Resort!” Spring 2011 Collection – Best of Season

July 28, 2010

I really can’t get enough of this collection. Aside from adoring every single look, I’m committed to its energy. What I get from this collection is pure glee. It’s just a joyous romp of flora print mini-shift dresses, all-encompassing brightness, lacy lounge-around attitude & oh so much leg! How fabulous is my favourite look? 20th, first pic posted. The sky-printed jacket riding high, the chic collar beneath and those playful shorts. The layers this look creates with prints is so harmonious. The woman who wears this outfit IS wearing Spring itself.

Of all the collections in Resort season, I think this one best encompassed Spring. It reminds me of champagne and sunshine.

And I can’t even begin to describe the whimsy of Stella’s Garden Party presentation. Music, models dancing, catering, drinks flowing. . . it’s a celebration of life, of love, of the paradise all around us and enjoying it looking radiant. That’s fashion!

@:15 ~ Iekeliene Stange! (Pronounced EE-kuh-LEE-nuh) She turned 26 yesterday! 😀

Clothes modeled by Magdalena Frackowiak. Photos clipped by me from Videos from New York Magazine & TendiTrendy.


Christopher Kane Resort 2011 – A History of the Past As the Future

July 22, 2010

In the 1940’s and 50’s, Dr. Isaac Asimov wrote his Foundation Series that discussed the invention of an Encyclopedia Galactica. It’s a preservation of the entire history of the galaxy, a concept that many science and sci-fi authors have returned to again and again. In Asimov’s work, one reads all about the future he imagined; the future of all things but in a historical perspective. Imagine you could read all about someone in the year 3515 pouring over fashion from 2010. The history of the past as the future. That’s the first thing that hit me upside the head when I saw this collection. (Yes, I’m a sci-fi aficionado. When I was little, I wanted to be an astronaut. But I always sucked at math so, instead, I enjoy writing futuristic stories). :p

Christopher Kane takes classical silhouettes and sartorial aesthetic, (Sirkian “Housewife Dresses,” flared princess skirts, bygone-era biker jackets, babydolls, wide leg Palazzo pants, even Maribou-adorned shoes), and saturates them with cosmic futurism. The Maribou around the ankles quite reminds me of planetary rings; fuzzy Saturn-ring anklets! :p

I find look 23 particularly intriguing. The tucked & tied t-shirt w/ a flared princess skirt. Pink fuzzy Saturn rings around her ankles. I just love it! And the billowy Galactic drapery of look 27, as if she’s wearing two galaxies at once.

I think it’s easy to overprint garments but what Kane did here is far from excessive. I think the techno-vibe of his prints compliment the classical structure of his outfits in a way that’s tricky to do well. I love it all, every look, and would love to see it on the street. Hell, I’d go up and hug a woman out shopping for hot dog buns & Cheerios in this!

This collection is definitely in my top ten of all 2011 Resorts, (Stella McCartney being #1). I need to compile and blog about that list after a bit more thought, but definitely before September!

Model: Caroline Brasch Nielsen (LOVE her!) – Photos:

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